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REFAFLEX - the first part of our company is a part related to the representative office of EFAFLEX high-speed industrial doors, whose representatives and servicers we have been for the territory of Serbia and Macedonia since 2011. The other part of our company is related to the production of radiation protection doors, under the brand X-RAY DOORS. The third part of our company refers to the production of pallet conveyors, acoustic chambers, as well as the distribution of dock shelters...

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X-RAY DOORS is a part of the company that consists of engineering and parts for the production of radiation protection doors, with the final assembly process. We approach every request with the utmost care, because in addition to the exceptional quality of workmanship, we also make sure that the filling of the door meets all the necessary standards for radiation protection. With the help of our friends from the QUARK company, the calculation of the necessary protection is performed for each request and based on it, it is determined what the filling will be. More information about our X-RAY DOORS doors can be found on the X-RAY DOORS website.

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  • Bulevar Zorana Djindjica, Serbia

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  • Dunajska cesta 136, Slovenia

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